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Marian Brown

Dear Andras,

In the book, is there reference to the surnames PAUKER or
CZINNER/ZINNER? It is possible that my grandmother's family are buried
in that area although they lived in Spisska Nova Ves. Thanks so much.

Marian Brown
Cincinnati, OH

Andras Koltai wrote:

Dear All,

I was visiting Levoca a few weeks ago (together with a
relative >from South-Africa whom I met for the first
time half a year ago on the Internet; our common
ancestry dates back 150 years to Levoca - the whole
trip was really emotional for me).

We went to look for the Jewish cemetery which we found
after an hour or so. It is in a devastating state. I
was too stubborn to give up the search for my
ggrandparents' graves so I enetered the jungle and
spent a long time in there. The search ended without
results, but I took some 30 pictures inside the
cemetery. If you are interested in them, beleiving I
could have taken a picture of your ancestor's
gravestone, please contact me off-list.

I also purchased a book on "Jews in the Spis Region -
Kezmarok". It was publised this year and covers mainly
the cemeteries in the region. Mikulas Liptak and
others did a wonderful job on restoring those
cemeteries. Yet again - if you are interested in
details, I can check the book for you or give you
Mikulas Liptak's contact address.

We are trying to "move the mountains" to get the
cemetery in Levoca restored, too. If you can help us
in any way, please let me know.

Thank you,

Andras Koltai
Budapest, Hungary

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