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Stephen Schmideg <stephen@...>

Since posting the address of the cemetery site I
have had a number of people who are language challenged asking for help.
Those who have been able to access the site told me they have found
relatives who they have not been able to locate previously, so I
encourage you all to explore this resource.

To help you here are my interpretations and simple instructions.

Temetok felsorolasa telepulesek szerint = Listing of cemeteries
according to town

The first alphabet gives you a list of town starting with each letter of
the alphabet. Some towns come up that don’t have graves and there are a
number of towns with large Jewish cemeteries that are missing, e.g Gyor,

Elhunytak felsorolasa nevük szerint = Listing of deceased according to name

The second alphabet gives you all the surnames starting with each letter
of the alphabet.

The information given is:

Name, including maiden name for married women
Year of birth
Year of death
Location of cemetery
For children less than 1 year old the number of months (ho) is given.

Kereses a nevek kozott = Search among the names

Can’t see the advantage of this search function, as the response seems
to be limited to 100 cases.

Kereses az osszes adatban nev reszlet = Advanced search of the whole file

You can search by:
Full name (Surname first, followed by first/given name - Hungarian style)
Surname only
First/given name only
Part name, e.g. sch

Note that to search some names that have accented letters you will need
a Hungarian keyboard, otherwise they will not come up. (In Microsoft
Windows you can install multiple keyboards, e.g. English and Hungarian
and easily switch between them.)

You are also supposed to be able to search by birth (Szuletes) and death
(Elhalalozas) dates, but the time period is restricted to 1880 to 2005.
It completes the search, but fails to display the names.

The cemetery location (Temeto helye) search function works, but this is
the same as using the alphabetical listing at the top.

It doesn’t seem to like combination of factors, so you can’t put in both
name and birth year.

There is also no place on this site where you can ask questions or
submit information. Hopefully one of our H-SIG members in Hungary can
locate Lajos Boros, so we can thank him for this wonderful site and
allow us to ask some questions.


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