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Jerry Zeisler <jzeisler@...>

It would also be nice to know the source of some of his (Boros Lajos)
material. For example, I researched and documented the cemetery in Eger in
2001 and completely transcribed the interment books. The grave numbering
system that the interment books describe and the numbering system on the web site differ. I was not able to locate the grave
of my ggg-grandfather or his entry in the interment book, however he is
listed in the database with a specific grave number.

Can someone try contacting Mr. Boros to get a better understanding of his
information? His contact information is not on his web site >from what I can


Jerry Zeisler
Leesburg, Virginia

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From: Stephen R. Low
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What a great site! Worth a visit just to hear Kol Nidre--although the
pronunciation differs considerably >from that which is famliar to me.

The greatest tragedy for so many of us is that the site does not appear to
include towns that were ceded to Romania post WW I.

Steve Low
Lincoln MA

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