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For Internet Explorer there is an easy workaround which will make the
of the website much more readable. Go into Internet Options
the Tools menu. On the General tab, click Accessibility. Check the box
"Ignore colors specified on webpages". Click OK. When you have finished
viewing this website you will need to reset this option so that you will
other webpages in their normal colors.
Larry Kohn
Reston, Virginia

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|From: tom klein []=20
|Sent: Friday, July 28, 2006 8:51 AM
|To: H-SIG
|Subject: Re:[h-sig] Cemeteries in Hungary
|That's an amazing site, and thanks for pointing it out! (really.)
|However, being a curmudgeon, I would also like to add some=20
|warnings (and tips):=20
|be prepared to battle one of the worst web site designs I've=20
|ever seen. First, be ready to turn off your speakers, because=20
|the full voice, cantorial rendition of kol nidre never stops.
|and after the assault on your ears, be prepared for severe=20
|eyestrain, since the type used to display the data has almost=20
|no contrast (medium gray on a deep red and black background),=20
|which no combination of colour/resolution settings could make=20
|it more than barely readable on my high-quality monitor. tip:=20
|selecting the contents of the page will highlight it in a=20
|different colour, and often make it easier to read. (using an=20
|alternate web browser, i managed to override text and link=20
|colour - setting both to bright blue at least makes it=20
|readable, albeit not pretty.)=20
|just for an additional challenge, the site's "belepes (teljes=20
|kepernyo)" option >from the main page gives you the chance to=20
|disable your window scroll bars, making navigation=20
|"interesting" - tip: it's better to select "belepes (ablak)".=20
|and last but not least, be warned that selection by name and=20
|date simultaneously results in server error messages.
|it's just very frustrating to see such a rich resource buried=20
|behind such a misdesigned interface.
|....... tom klein, toronto
|>Stephen Schmideg <> wrote:
|>I don't believe the following website has been brought to the group's
|>Not all cemeteries are available, but it contains a very thorough=20
|>listing of Jewish burials in Hungary. You can search by name and=20
|>cemetery. It gives such information as birth and death dates, maiden=20
|>and married names and plot numbers.
|>The site is in Hungarian, but it is easy to work out for=20
|those who don't
|>speak the language, or use the dictionary at

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