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d pfalzer <d_pfalzer@...>

You are correct that the page doesn't scroll. The
best solution I found in search for my Morgensterns
was to search for "Morgenstern J" to allow me to see
those folks of surname Morgenstern and first name
beginning with "J". This gave me the "Ja" names. To
see a name like Juli, I searched for "Morgenstern Ju".

Hope this helps.

--- wendy cantor <> wrote:

Hello All,

When I looked at this site, I was unable to scroll
the page up or down.
Consequently I was unable to see all of the info on
the page. No 'arrows'
on the page that I could see and my my page up and
keyboard arrows didn't
work! What am I missing? I did find that I could
right click and highlight
the page which improved the contrast greatly.

Thanks for any help.

Wendy Dobo
Cleveland, OH
Researching: DOBO (changed >from GOLDSTEIN),

Moderator: Check the H-SIG archives for messages
that provided detailed info on how to navigate this

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