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Ozv. is abbreviation for ozvegy (double short accent marks on the o) and i=
means widow. No, especially in vital statistics records it can not mean=20
anything else.=20

Leslie Eloed =20
California US

In a message dated 8/6/2006 12:23:02 A.M. Pacific Standard Time,=20 writes:
Dear Ms Cecilio,

My Hungarian is not that good, however, I know that ablak is the=20
Hungarian word for window. Also I can not find the "ozv." that you speak of=

With regard to the "=B5", there are a number of instances where letters=20
of the Hungarian alphabet are not displayed properly. I don't know what=20
the problem is, however, in the case of =B5ron I suspect it is =C1ron.

Check Hungarian alphabet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:=20
<>. It is a good source=20
for information about the Hungarian alphabet as well as other topics=20
relating to Hungary.

Karen Cecilio wrote:

I have looked up some possible relatives on this
new database and had a couple questions as to the

1) Between the number and the name is the word
"ozv.". Looking in a Hungarian translator, I think
it means "widow". Could it mean something else?

2) One of the names is listed as "Kaunitz =B5ron".
I am wondering if the "=B5" is a Hungarian letter I
am not familiar with, of if it is a mis-type?
Looking in Wikipedia, it is the 12th letter of the
Greek alphabet called Mu.

Any thoughts? Please respond privately if that is
more appropriate.

Karen Cecilio
Akron Ohio

Researching KAUNITZ, KAUNICZ in all of Hungary
Milton Hubsher

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