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I agree with the moderators, that the name and location of those writing
comments should always be at the end of the message.
It often helps to evaluate the recommendation and advice. Like, if you are
in Hungary, the value of your help may be different then if you are in So
The sending e-mail address is not defining neither the name nor the
location. I live in the US, in California, but among the many e-mail addresses I use,
there are some in Hungary, .HU or in the Islands, like .CC or in any other

As far as the comment regarding anonymous moderators, I do agree.
Moderators should also follow the same rules, and ALWAYS IDENTIFY THEMSELVES
by both their names and location.
In the way back past, it used to be that way.

Leslie Eloed
California, USA

Moderator: It is JewishGen's practice to maintain the anonymity of moderators.
Any subscriber with concerns or questions regarding JewishGen procedures and
guidelines may convey them to <>.


In a message dated 8/6/2006 10:33:25 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:
ozv. is widow and for Kaunitz the given name I would guess, might be Aron,
but part of the paint is not good visible. Aron was in the past a popular name.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch
Esslingen, Switzerland

P.S. I do not think that full name, city or country of residence adds any
valuable information to the mails, because in the majority the senders name is
in the header and the eMail might give also information of the country of
origin (ch for switzerland, hu for Hungary etc.).

I make this remark as my original mail was returned with the following

Your message was rejected by the list moderator because you did not include
your full name and city or country of residence.

A copy of the rejected message is included below.

H-SIG Moderator

At the same time there were also 3 other without city or country or even
without full name. On the otherside I would also appreciate if not an anonym
Moderator would sign the comments.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

Moderator: Messages will not be approved for archiving without names.
Those City or country of residence is highly recommended in order to provide
information that will allow H-SIG subscribers to provide useful advice to those
who send messages.

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