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Gábor Hirsch <g_hirsch@...>

Many roads are leading to Rom, you can use

Michele Sankar's method, by using search engines that required accents.
from the Hungarian pages you can pick the wanted letter & accent,
mark it and copy and paste it into the text / search box etc..

or >from Milton Hubsher by taking the Hungarian Alphabet and marking and picking the desired character >from there.

The different Window programm offer an other way with the whole character set, including Greck, Hebrew etc. characters too. In the US Windows take

Start > Programs > System Tools > Character Map

in the German version it is similar procedure

Start > Programme > Systemprogramme > Zeichentabelle

here you can choose any desired character copy/paste it in your text or look the way with ALT Key and which nummeric key give you the desired result. You can minimize the Map and you can even copy it on the display for future use. You can even write a short text with each of the specific character with your favorite wordprocessor save it and you can use it any time when you need a Hungarian character.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

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