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Dear Ted,

The first recommendation is about getting inside and around the cemeteries.

1. Both cemeteries (Kosice and Presov): get in touch in advance with the keys keepers; although the Kosice cemetery is easily accessible >from the Catholic cemetery nearby, sometimes that gate is closed too. Your best chance to get the keys is to write to the local Jewish congregations and make arrangements

Zidovska Nabozenska Obec - Kosice
Dr. Jur. Pavol Jur - president

Zidovska Nabozenska Obec - Presov
Mr. Desider Landa - president
Svermova ulica 32

Both Mr. Jur and Mr. Landa are old gentlemen. <snip> I am not sure they speak English but both speak Slovak and Hungarian. Call them because they do not reply to letters. At least that was my experience.

2. Kosice's Jewish cemetery is HUGE (over 5,000 graves) therefor if you plan to visit it make sure you know which plots you are looking for. Wandering around, in the search of a grave can take days. You can search the cemetery's database at <>. There are two cemeteries, separated by a simple fence: the reform and the orthodox. The later is in the back of the cemetery's plot, up in the hill. Many graves are surrounded by heavy weed. Make sure you take gloves and a garden scissor with you, as well as a sun protector. July is quite warm in eastern Slovakia.

3. The Presov Jewish cemetery is rather small, maybe 500 graves, and very orderly arranged and cleaned, so in a few hours you can walk around all graves. Make sure you look the monument of the Jewish soldiers who died in WW1. It may contain names of your interest.

Bon voyage

Moderator: Please contact Tom off-list if you want addresses and phone numbers for Mr. Jur and Mr. Landa.

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Does anyone have suggestions/advice for a Kosice/Presov tour
guide/translator for a three to four day visit to maternal grandmother's
family area of origin. Dates for trip are late June, 2007.

Family names in region were Sonnenschein (Sunshine), Kraus and Grosz.

We (my wife and I) will be coming >from paternal grandfather's area of origin
in Dubno, Ukraine (near Lvov) where we will be visiting in prior three/four
Tom Venetianer <mailto:tom.vene@...>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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