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My great-grandmother Mali LICHTMAN was born in Zemplen county in the =
I have found several records for her which showed that she sometimes =
went by
the name Mali, sometimes by Amalia and sometimes by Malka. On her birth
register and on an 1851 Jewish census conducted by the village's rabbi, =
was listed as Ester [sic]. Another document shows her as Eszter M.. In =
village (Tolcsva) Hebrew names were not recorded in the birth registers
using Hebrew characters as I have seen it in other places; therefore, it =
not possible to know with certainty. My best guess is that her Hebrew =
was either Eszter or Eszter Malka, since the two names have historical
meaning together (that is, Queen Esther). I suppose a follow-up question
might be: does Mali come >from Malka or Amalia? I, too, would be =
in feedback.

Larry Kohn
Reston, VA=20

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|Dear fellow H-Siggers,
|If any of you have a relative with the given name of "M=E1li" among =
|ancestors, I would be interested to know what her Hebrew given=20
|name was.=20
|I am in the process of restoring my great grandmother's=20
|tombstone, upon=20
|which are the names of her parents. The only letter in her=20
|mother's name=20
|to have withstood the ravages of time is the Hebrew letter "Mem." The=20
|rest has remained a mystery, although I have managed to narrow it down=20
|to two options.
|Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
|Amos Zezmer
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