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Dear Genners,

Can someone tell me the modern name of a place
called EMLEK NAGYHIDROL? To the best of my
information it was part of Austro-Hungary, and is
nowadays in Transylvania.

Thanks for any help,
Shaul Sharoni,
The name of the place should, according your records,
be Nagyhid. Yet my Google search for this exact
spelling didn't come up with anything, either. On the
other hand I found a Nagyhida being mentioned on this

According to the above document Nagyhida was (is?) in
Abauj-Torna county. So I checked out on this map:
but he closest I found was Nagyida, which can
theoretically be the right place, except it is not in
Transylvania but Slovakia, and now it goes by the name
of Velka Ida.

Sarah Feuerstein
Toronto, Canada

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