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tom klein <h-sig@...>

actually, the hungarian suffix -ne' is not connected to the french ne'e, but rather comes >from the hungarian no: which means woman.

the usage is most often [surname] [given name of husband]ne'. note that it is usually attached to the husband's given name (as in "kovacs janosne", "mrs. john smith"), which would make no sense at all if it was a form of the french ne'e. (i.e. "john smith nee jones".) sometimes the wife's full name, [maiden name] [given name], is also added, but often not, and sometimes it is used with the surname, as in "kovacsne", meaning "mrs. smith", but never with the wife's given name, as "kovacs mariane weiss", because it doesn't make sense.

a slightly related linguistic question is the origin of "-neni" and "-bacsi" in hungarian. (strictly meaning aunt and uncle, but loosely applicable to any older person.) i'm fairly certain that "-bacsi" is >from the turkish "pasha", but is "-neni" also turkish, or is it just a variant of "no:"?

....... tom klein, toronto

ps. while this is primarily a linguistic question, it is helpful for hungarian genealogists to understand the terminology.

Subject: Re: Farkasne and Farkas as given names
From: SFeuerstein <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 23:44:24 -0500 (EST)
X-Message-Number: 5

Marian Brown <> wrote:

Dear Language experts,

Is it possible that Farkasne Turk is a way of
stating that this female
is the wife of Farkas Turk? Or would Farkasne be a
given name in its
own right?


Marian Brown
Cincinnati, OH

Although Farkas is the accepted Hungarian form of the
name Wolfgang, it is a relatively common family name.
It actually means wolf.

As for the name you have there, the suffix -ne
indicates married name, being a derivative of the French
_ne'e_, meaning _born_. It is a Hungarian custom for
people to use both their married and maiden names the
way it appears in your post. So in your case Farkasne
Turk means: Farkas, born Turk... her given name should
follow after that.

Sarah Feuerstein
Toronto, Canada

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