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Judy Young <jy-abcd@...>


I think Sarah Feuerstein is right. "Farkasne Turk" (where Turk is the family
name) would be quite unusual because the normal order for that in Hungarian
would be "Turk Farkasne" (Farkas is an unusual given name, but common family
name). But in normal practice this would be followed by the person's maiden
name, eg: Turk Farkasne, Weisz Rozalia.

The order of names as given in Marian Brown's original message does not make
good sense unless there is another name (a given name) missing after Turk.
For instance, the name could be something like Farkasne, Turk Rozalia. This
would mean "Mrs Farkas, born Rozalia Turk." Marian, can you check your
source again?

Judy Young,
Ottawa Canada

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