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I am not informed about the Austrian military archives, I visited the "Hadtortenelmi leveltar" in Buda and they found a "Belohnungs-Antrag" for my father of the K. u. K. Infanterie Regiment 101 .2 Feldbattelion. By some luck during a visit in my hometown, I saw in an antique bookshop a book "101-es zaszlo alatt" a book >from 1934, with pictures and short (selfgiven) biography of the regiments members. I believe this was quite common. This might be sources.

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Gabor Hirsch
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Datum: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 21:54:38 -0500
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Betreff: [h-sig] austrian military records

Has anyone successfully obtained records >from the military archives
(Osterreichisches Staatsarchiv - Kriegsarchiv) in Vienna, for
hungarians who served in the k und k army?
I sent them an inquiry, and received a reply >from the director of the
archive, dr. Tepperberg, offering to do a paid search, for a
reasonable estimated fee. but, they emphasize that the primary
records, for persons with nationality outside of present-day austria,
were "left with the successor states following the peace declaration
of saint-germain (1919), and all these documents have been to a large
extent destroyed". this would seem to indicate that the records are
in budapest, if they exist at all.

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