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Vivian Kahn

My two letters >from Michalovce are now up on the ViewMate site
( in the To View section as files
VM9025 and VM9026. The first is one page of a letter that a relative
sent >from Michalovce, Slovakia (then Czechoslovakia) in September
1946. VM9026 is another letter that the same person wrote in
November 1946. I have a general idea of content and am most
interested in deciphering the signature on the November 1946 letter.
I thought I had also uploaded the second page of the September 1946
letter in which the name of the writer is also shown but it hasn't
yet appeared. Nevertheless, the handwriting might provide some
clues. The name might begin with the letters I, S, or L and might
end with a Y. I think the writer is a woman and is probably a close
family member--sister, niece, sister-in-law. The letters
mention Piroska (Piri), who was one of my grandmother's nieces, and
Berta, her sister-in-law. Please let me know if you see any other

If you can help, please contact me off-list.


Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

Researching families including:

GRUNVALD/Bratislava, Kosice, Humenne, Slov.
KOHN/Zebegnyo, Hung. (Zebehnov, Slov.), Tarnoka (Trnavka, Slov.)
LEFKOVITS/Kolbaszo (Kolbasov, Slov.), Kismihaly (Michajlov, Slov.)
MOSKOVITS/MOSKOWITZ/MOSS, Ostrov (Kisozstro), Sobrance, Bunkocz,
Kosice (Kassa),Ungvar, Michalovce, Presov, NYC, Cleveland
NEUMANN/Sobrance, Michalovce, Kosice (Kassa), Sabinov
(Kis-Szeben), Vranov (Varanno), Kriszti (Kereszt), Slov.
ROZENBERG/Sobrance, Uzhorod, Satoraljaujhely
STEIF/Sobrance, Slov., Horjani, Ukr. (Gereny, Hung.)

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