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Sandor Bacskai <bacskaisanyi@...>

Dear Samuel Kraus,

I suggest to try OSTFFY-ASSZONYFA, which is cca. 100 kilometers N of
Nagykanizsa. The town is locate in Vas County, the births, marriages
and deaths were registered into records of Nagysimonyi Jewish Community.


Sandor Bacskai
Budapest, Hungary

Joan and Sam Kraus <jnskraus@...> wrote:

In the New York Passenger Lists 1820-1957, on the
I found a listing for Daniel Kraus. The birth location is given as
asszonifalva. The closest listing in Where Once We Walked is
located 107 km North of Nagykanizsa. The estimated birth year in the
Passenger list is 1884, which matches the birth years for my
uncle,Daniel Kraus. In what megye would he have been born? Where would
the birth records be located now?
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