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Joseph Fibel <JFibel@...>

Dear Jimmy,
There are two books that apply here. The first is the Morton Allen
Directory.(of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals) This book lists every
passenger ship arrival in NY >from 1890 to 1930 and Philadelphia >from 1904
to 1926. I went through >from 1903 to 1909 and did not find a ship with a
name similar to yours.

The second book is:
Ships of our Ancestors by Michael J Anuta.
This book lists and shows pictures of many (900) of the ships bringing our
ancestors to the U S. Again there is no ship near 1903 with the name you
describe. There are two ships with the name of France.

The first was built and had its first voyage in 1865. It was surplanted
by another ship with the same name in 1912.

There is of course, the very famous Isle de France which was only built in
1926. Is it possible that your relatives came here in 1926 or afterward?
The first voyage of this ship I see was in 1927. All of these were owned
by the French Line.

Unfortunately, this is all the data that I can find and it is not very
helpful. Regards and keep looking.

Joe Fibel New Rochelle, NYTo: "German Jewish SIG"

Tuesday, August 05, 2003 Subject: [gersig] french ship isla de france

Dear Gersig members,
We have a question concerning our family that came >from Alsace, between
1903-19xx. Several of my family SCHMITT / TIEKE were aboard the Isla de
France, the spelling may not be correct.

I am a novice at research, and I have tried Ellis Island with no luck.
Would any members have any sites that may hold ship names from
Germany/France during this time. ............
Jimmy S. and Abraham Tieke Sacramento, Ca callydude@...

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