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Giselle Bodziony

Dear Genners

I read a couple of days ago that the topic was set to the deportataion of Jews >from Miskolc.
Therefore I would kindly ask if there is somebody who survived the deportation of June 12, 1944 - or knows anything about it or could tell me something about the following persons: Dr. Ernö Schwarcz, Miskolc, lawyer, 59 years of age; his son, Endre Schwarcz, 17 years old at that time. Both were deported that day - and under not know circumstances they managed to take refuge to Budapest. Both were killed in Budapest in December 1944. Dr. Schwarcz' wife, Erzsebet Schwarcz, was also deported in June 12, 1944 and finally transported to Lichtenau. She died there in 1945. Is there anybody who might tell me something about her?
Dr. Ernö Schwarz was my grandfather.

Thank you very much for your help.

Giselle Bodziony, Zürich

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