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tom klein <h-sig@...>

unfortunately, i don't think there are any rules for name changes (my own KLEIN family has a KUTI and a KOSZEGI), but entire books of name changes were published, and there is at least one online resource for browsing these changes, at <>, which was posted on h-sig about 2 years ago, and discussed in a few messages.

unfortunately, these are just images of the book's pages, and are arranged in order of NEW name (without a searchable index or cross-reference by old name), but you might get some ideas by flipping through the pages. (the specific link takes you to the beginning of the "z" section, but there are many other possibilities, including "translations" of the meaning of "zwieback" or "biscuit", or puns, etc.) for example, at the beginning of the "z" entries, there is: "Za'dor (Zwibel) Fe'lix A'ron keresk.-sege'd Bpest. BM. 31177-89".

....... tom klein, toronto

"Ed Zwieback" <ezwieback@...> wrote:

My father's brother Viktor ZWIEBACK, born 1881 near Nagykanizsa, Zala, was
last seen by my father in 1903 in Nagykanizsa (my father was 12 and Viktor
was 22 at the time). Despite my father keeping in touch with his other 2
brothers and his aunts, uncles, and cousins, my father lost contact with
Viktor after that. I have searched many sources and no trace of Viktor.

I have several cousins born KOHN in Nagykanizsa who changed their names
early on to KIRALY and KERTESZ. My thought was that maybe Viktor changed
his ZWIEBACK name to some non-jewish hungarian equivalent.

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