Hungary SIG #Hungary List Guidelines Reminder #hungary

Vivian Kahn

Time to once again remind everyone of some basic guidelines for
messages to H-SIG
and other JewishGen lists.

1. Every post must have a subject line that corresponds to what's in
the body of the post. Remember that many subscriberslook at the
subject line and decide whether to read the post based on what the
subject line says. If the subject line doesn't describe the contents
of the post, then the post might as well not be there. The
moderator has authority to change the subject line to a
better one if necessary.

2. Every post must be signed with the full name of the poster or, at
least , the first initial and surname. A first name alone is not
enough. We also encourage posters to include their
location in their signature to make it easier to provide info about

Your cooperation is, as always, appreciated.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA
H-SIG Coordinator

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