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tom klein <h-sig@...>

Am i the only person to wonder what the connection between these two titles=
might be? (for those who don't read hungarian, the first title reads=
roughly as "documents of the royal hungarian postal savings bank,=
securities group".)

tom klein, toronto

ps. accented text gets mangled by the list server in such a way that it=
becomes almost impossible to read. as per the list's guidelines, please=
remove the accents before posting.

"H-SIG" <h-sig@...> wrote:


The official title of the collection in the National Archives of Hungary
(MOL): Z-936, "Magyar Kir=B7lyi Postatakar=C8kp=C8nzt=B7r iratai, Z=B7log=

At the USHMM, the records can be found with the following information:
Title: MOL Z 936: Records of the 8th Gendarmerie District, Kassa, Hungary;

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