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Paul King

I am new to this SIG, but am making a cameo entry only. I wish to know
whether any members have concrete evidence of ancestors who arrived in
Hungarian villages or towns >from Bohemia/Moravia following the institution
of the Familianten Decree in 1726. This Decree froze the Jewish population
in Bohemia and Moravia at a certain number of families and granted
'Familianten status' to these families by which only the eldest son was
permitted to marry. Historians claim that this decree resulted in the forced
migration of additional sons in each family >from the territories of the
Crowned Lands and that many found sanctuary in Hungary. Do Hungarian records
of individual families indicate the village or town of origin in
Bohemia/Moravia allowing verification of such emigration between 1726 - c.

I have mid-18th c. family records in Bohemia indicating births of a number
of sons (no first names were given except for the eldest son). Any
possibility of tracing them is close to nil (I have only the village of
birth and the name of the father, without a patronymic). I have no evidence
that any went to Hungary, but then I have no evidence at all of there

I apologize if this has been discussed in the SIG archives (not sure what
title to give it)

I am a member of the Austria/Czech SIG.

Paul King

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