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peter bakos <pgbakos@...>

This will be difficult, as I wish to keep within the maxim of Tom Venetiane=
r and his website to never "flame" any person or place, but...

I thank Gabor Hirsch for pointing out the problems of the "list >from a publ=
ication". I actually was shown this publication, at Sip u. of all places. =
Therein I found Ilona ROSENBERG PINTER, the aunt of my mother as being a s=
urvivor. (I have yet to find out what happened to that poor woman who lost=
both of her sons and her son-in-law in the Labor battalions and at the cam=
ps). As I only had a fleeting look at that book, I hoped to see it or the =
information online. But I guess that whatever has been completely transcri=
bed either did not include my grand-aunt, or she somehow was not put on the=
JG website.

Gabor Hirch also referred to the Miskolc website, which I also visited as I=
had Moskovits and Rosenberg cousins there. I find references to oddities,=
such as an 1895-1924 marriage register >from Miskolc in Jerusalem. There i=
s a Jewish community in Miskolc, with a very nice young Rabbi. I remember =
looking for a marriage which took place in 1896 and those pages were missin=
g >from the register, though he had it in the index. Perhaps the copy in Je=
rusalem is more complete? Perhaps it is the same? Perhaps, as in some of =
the RC Churches, the Jewish Registers were kept in duplicate? But I cannot=
go to Jerusalem to find out what they have about Hungary. Why is it not i=
n Hungary, or shared on the web? Or easily accessible?

Finally, the Miskolc site has a list of sources. Not a word about what is =
available in Miskolc at the Jewish Community there, nor at the county archi=
ves (we are asked to go ask - well if I could ask, I would go ask, but my H=
ungarian is not good enough, and my experience with archives in Hungary is =
that one can get varying amounts of information depending on how one asks q=
uestions and >from whom).

And then we are sent once again to the famous (and misspelled) Dohany Stree=
t Jewish Archives, that great fantastic place whose actual location, openin=
g hours and content nobody seems able to verify. (Most will say they saw i=
t, or heard of somebody who was there some time ago, but no verified visits=
in the past 24 months).

As I sort of asked a few weeks ago, is there anybody out there with the clo=
ut and ability and interest, to go to the Budapest Jewish Community or the =
Hungarian Jewish Community, or whoever is really in charge, and try to figu=
re out how to help them to get their act together in terms of dealing with =
the many persons who are desperately seeking information about their relati=

Peter Bakos
PODVINECZ >from Budapest, Nagy Becskerek, Novi Sad/Ujvidek, Vukovar, Modos, =
a megye
PEABODY/PATZAUER >from Miskolc and Szeged
SCHUSTER/SCHUSZTER >from Papa and Gyor

Moderator: In this case the information about the publication was available on-line at the JewishGen website. The accessibility of records in Budapest is a separate issue. Productive discussions are welcome.

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