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one of the drawbacks of the "hungarian jewish survivors listed in a=
hungarian periodical" list seems to be that married women are listed in the=
customary hungarian fashion as "wife of" and their husband's name, but the=
transcription includes neither their given nor maiden names.

once again, it helps to experiment a bit with the search function: there are=
116 hits for exactly ROSENBERG, but none of them have a given name of=
ilona. however, there are only 4 records for PINTER, including one for=
"PINTE'R, Dr. Be'lane', born 1898, place of birth not specified, located=
Tr=F6bitz, page 17", which might be the one, if you know her husband's name=

=2E...... tom klein, toronto

peter bakos <> wrote:

This will be difficult, as I wish to keep within the maxim of Tom Venetiane=
r and his website to never "flame" any person or place, but...

I thank Gabor Hirsch for pointing out the problems of the "list >from a publ=
ication". I actually was shown this publication, at Sip u. of all places. =
Therein I found Ilona ROSENBERG PINTER, the aunt of my mother as being a s=
urvivor. (I have yet to find out what happened to that poor woman who lost=
both of her sons and her son-in-law in the Labor battalions and at the cam=
ps). As I only had a fleeting look at that book, I hoped to see it or the =
information online. But I guess that whatever has been completely transcri=
bed either did not include my grand-aunt, or she somehow was not put on the=
JG website.


Peter Bakos
PODVINECZ >from Budapest, Nagy Becskerek, Novi Sad/Ujvidek, Vukovar, Modos, =
a megye
PEABODY/PATZAUER >from Miskolc and Szeged
SCHUSTER/SCHUSZTER >from Papa and Gyor

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