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Gábor Hirsch <g_hirsch@...>

The discussion started with the transcript of Bekescsaba in the
"Hirek az elhurcoltakrol" which was not handwritten but a printed
Hungarian newspaper in 1945. There were several misspelled names
or town names like in case of Be'kescaba instead of Be'ke'scsaba
which was consequently misspelled.

There were also some abbreviation, which might not disturb somebody
in or >from Hungary but it can be disturbing for others. like
Hodmezovasarh instead of Hodmezovasarhely or Hodmezovasarh(ely)
or Pestszenterzs instead of Pestszenterzs(ebet) Szilvásztmárton
probably Szilvássz(en)tmárton.

As I have on microfilm the "Hirek az Elhurcoltakrol" so some
misspelling can be explained by illegible characters and may be
the copy you had available is worse than mine, but not all.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

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Anyone who has transcribed records knows the issues with trying to
handwriting. Sometimes, the town names are quite legible but many times
are not.

The rules put in place to reduce the errors are the best we can do when
are followed. While reviewing the Miskolc vital records that are sent to
from volunteers throughout the world, some Hungarian-speaking (reading?),
search every town in the "Other Towns" column. If the name appears in the
database that I have built >from Jewishgen, great; we keep it. If not and
can be determined to match or be an abbreviation, I add the bracketed
for instance, "D Gyor [Diosgyor]" or "Gyogyos [Gyorgyos / Gyongyos]" so
index will pick up the correct name. This correction is not always
What should be done with "...vaj"?

These rules are put into place to make the best of a difficult situation.
Accented characters are not supposed to be included with the accents
We were fortunate to have this set donated that was transcribed without
rules" but there is a trade-off.

The other issue is that the quantity of entries could take years (and
to review and correct every entry. I do it because I have a smaller
of records (and because I'm slightly obsessive-compulsive.)

We all realize that the data is only good if it can be found; however, we
have to do the best we can under the circumstances.

Perhaps when we are done transcribing the all the records, the next
can be to correct town names?

Gary Deutsch
Roswell, GA
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