Help needed locating Adam Rothschild & ROTHSCHILD in Hergenfeld #germany


Recently I wrote to GERSIG asking for information about ROTHSCHILDs from
Hergenfeld. The moderator pointed out that there was an Adam ROTHSHCHILD
with ties to Hergenfeld on the JewishGen Site and gave me his number.

I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the moderator, although I had already
written to Adam ROTHSCHILD in Chicago. The letter has already been
returned marked "not at this address".

So I must ask GERSIG to broaden my search. I am now looking for
information about ROTHSCHILDs >from Hergenfeld in the 19th Century, as well
as information about Adam ROTHSCHILD who at least until recently lived in
Chicago. Thanks again to our very able and thoughtful moderator.

Marge Holden Manhattan Beach California

MOD NOTE: Adam Rothschild entered his JGFF information in 1999 and at the
same time he posted a message to the JGDG >from aroths1@...
The archives have no further messages >from Mr Rothschild. He never
bothered to update his address in the JGFF. A test email sent to his
1999 address bounced.

Jewishgen is working on new software which will enable JewishGen to update
contact data in all its databases (JGFF, FTJP, etc) efficiently.

Until this project is complete, we depend on you, to keep your entries
current. MOD1

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