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Dear Sandor and Dov,
Thanks, a disconfirmation is as good (and sometimes better) than a

Considering that the earliest hard documentation of the RAKOCZ family I'm
researching dates >from a marriage in Przytyk in1874b (records in Fond 1317
in Warszawa Archive Grodzisk Mazowiecki Branch), the probability of these
RAKOCZ's were somehow related to Elazar Low, the SHEMEN ROKEACH is minimal.

This revives a hypothesis that if the family legend has some historical
basis, it is probably somehow connected to the Sabbatarian Socinian movement
founded in Transylvania towards the end of the sixteenth century. The
Przytyk RAKOCZ's firmly insist that they were Hungarians despite their
living in a suburb of Warsaw. Communication with a survivor of the large
Polish RAKOC family of Kielce confirms that the Przytyk RAKOCZ's were not
related to his family. Interestingly, the RAKOCZ families of Przytyk
generally married off their sons to women >from Transylvania (Sighet, Satu
maru, etc).

All help on this matter would be most appreciated.

To my knowledge Gyorgy Ujlaki is not related to the SILBERSTEINS/PALAGYI's.

Again, thanks for your help on this matter.
Victor Friedlander

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