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I am researching my ADAM, SCHONFELD, and KOHN family in
Balassagyarmat, Nograd megye. I would welcome any information
regarding these families >from here. The oldest members of the family
are Moses Adam and wife Rosalia "Rosi" Kohn, and Moses SCHONFELD and
wife Nessi.

(Does anybody know if Nessi is a diminutive for some other more formal name?)

Recently, we visited the cemetery there, and I noticed that most of
the numerous tombstones had a number hand-written onto the side or
backside. It would seem that somebody has attempted to make a list or
register of the burials. Does anybody know who might have that list?

Next week I will be looking at the Hungarian civil records (births,
deaths, marriages) for Balassagyarmat that begin in 1895. I will have
access through my local LDS library for the next month or so. Time
permitting, I would be happy to do some free lookups for list members.
Please email me offlist.

Maria Tauber

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