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Marian Brown

I just found out that my great grandmother, Sarah HEIMOVITZ NEWMAN, was
born in Hunsdorf ca 1931. I have no record of her birth there.
Shelived in Licsert/Licartovce and I found a record stating her father
was Sol. Hwimowitz.

There is also a rabbi, Solomon HEIMOWITZ, mentioned in many marriages in
Lemes/Lemesany, Slovakia. He was married to Mari HELISAUER and they had
a daughter, Mali, married to Marcus STURZ.

Also, I have Hungarian records for a family >from Huncovce as follows:

Solomon HEIMOWITCH (a jurist?)
married to Maria MARKUS

Children all born in Huncovce:

Nathan HEIMOWITZ b 1827 in Huncovce. A not on his 1847 marriage record
to Leny FUCH/FRICS states that he worked for his grandfathr, Samuel
MARCUS in a canvas textile factory

Markus HEIMOWITCH b 1834

Chaja HEIMOWITCH b 1836

Lowy HEIMOWITCH b 1837

Jeches HEIMOWITCH b 1847

Does any of this ring a bell?


Marian Brown
Cincinnati, OH

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