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Godollo(all o's with umlauts) is a town less than 45 minutes >from Budapest,
best known for its royal residence which is a tourist attraction.
Between 1850 and 1945 Godollo had an active Jewish community with a
synagogue, rabbi, school, celebrations (a Purim Ball!) and of course a
cemetery. The community was particularly growing and thriving till the
1920s. It was a popular summer place for Jews.
In the 1930s a particularly vicious form of anti-semitism had taken hold,
largely due to the efforts of one Endre Laszlo.
Many Jewish families left during this time.
The deportation of the Jews of Godollo, numbering only 175, was
orchestrated by the Ministry of the Interior. After the forced wearing of
yellow stars, old and young were packed into the synagogue, school and the
rabbi's house, all of which now comprised a ghetto, and sent to their fates
on May 28, 1944. Twenty-two souls are said to have returned. Today there
are at most 2 or three Jews in the town.
I visited the cemetery in 2002 and although restoration had begun under the
auspices of MAZSIHISZ, it was in dreadful condition: overturned, broken and
missing headstones, encroachment by a neighbour who had hung laundry between
headstones and used the spaces between graves as a garbage dump.The flimsy
fence had been broken down at the back and a number of headstones had been
dragged there, apparently ready to be removed at an opportune time.
For the next six years I regularly contacted the man who was supposed to be
in charge of the restoration and received no reply. Finally, I contacted
MAZSIHISZ and was put in touch with some one else and what a difference!
This man,Csaba Peterfi is obviously committed, has corresponded generously,
sent photos and when I visited last month the difference was astonishing.
The cemetery had been cleaned up, the encroaching neighbour pushed back and
fenced off, some headstoned repaired and raised. Much still needs to be done
including proper fencing, in part to keep out squatters who come in the
night. and the restoration of some vandalized stones. There has been support
from the Mayor and MAZSIHISZ, Csaba has contributed his own money but much,
much more is needed.The descendants of those who are buried there and might
have carried on the task of caring for the cemetery have been mostly wiped

Catherine Adam
Toronto, Canada

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