Hungary SIG #Hungary RE: Searching for Town - Oberlitz, Nyitra Co. and - given name - Schendel #hungary


Dear siggers,

I have thanked the direct responders (10) individually and would also like
to thank the group respondents. Summary:

1) Schendel; (Scheindel, Scheindl, Seindel, Seindl) was a common given name.
Shein or Shain is "Beauty" in Yiddish and Schendle means "Full of Beauty".

2) Oberlitz, Nyitra Co.; I still do not know the current name of Oberlitz
(perhaps it's a typo), but I believe it's in general area of north/west
a. Liesskovec (Mogyorosfalu /Lieskowitz) - south of Banska Bystrica *see
town names OR
b. Melcice Lieskove & Zemianske Lieskove - between Nove Mesto nad Vahom &
Trencin OR
c. near Zilina, which also has a nearby town Oblazov - (perhaps in German

Best regards,

Peter Rohel
Rohel-Bach-Bohm-Loeb + Associates (genealogy)

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