Hungary SIG #Hungary Budapest civil registration records 1895 to recent are now online #hungary


The Mormon FHC library just recently posted online their scanned
images >from Budapest civil registrations, which began in 1895. These
include births, deaths, and marriages, including roman catholic,
reform, jewish, everybody, for districts I to XIII. You'll need to
know (or find out) which "ker=FClet" or district to use this. If you
need help on the districts, go to for a map
and list of these.

Go to;s=
and select which district you are interested in. Then a menu comes
down of the records available for that district. Click on one of
those and if you have the proper web viewer installed, and a fast
enough internet connection, the first image will come up. I find
their viewer problematic, but almost usable.

If the groom is >from one district, the bride >from another, and the
synagogue is in another, I have yet to determine in which district to
find the record. In other words, just because they may have been
married in the Ujpest synagogue, they may not necessarily be recorded
in that synagogue's district. I have found many of my family in the
districts I would expect, but not always.

Also, in going through several of these so far, I noticed that in the
X district in the the 1920's, there were many (most?) marriage records
are >from outside of Budapest, >from throughout Hungary, even many other
European countries (e.g., Berlin, etc.). These seem to be a kind of
recording of out of area or out of country weddings. Also, in looking
through some 1960's records, I found many death recordings >from 1944,
etc., intermixed. I would not be surprised if whatever you are
looking for is recorded at later dates. It would be wonderful if
there was an index for this, but, alas, without one, it can be very
difficult to navigate through these records.

If you have Budapest roots, this could be a gold mine for you.

Good luck,
Maria Tauber

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