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To: H-Siggers
Pavel Kral (pkral@...) has published a very moving book, "The
History of the Jews in Bytca" (formerly Hungary, now Slovakia). It is
a memorial to a community that existed for centuries, but what largely
wiped out between 1942 and 1944. The book lists by name 283 residents
of Bytca who died in the camps, and the circumstances surrounding the
fate of many of them. Pavel has spent 40 years documenting their

The book is in Slovakian, and Pavel has requested assistance in having
it translated into English. Many Siggers who have posted research
inquiries on this list may find their family names included.

Since much of the book comprises photographs and other visual
material, the actual number of pages to be translated is probably
around 20.

Among the residents of Bytca who perished in the camps was my own
grandfather, Leopold Kalmar, whose existence was unknown to me. I hope
that someone can respond to Pavel's request for translation help for
this valuable work.

Lilot Moorman
Roswell GA

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