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David Rubin

In a message dated 9/30/2009 6:56:15 PM Central Standard Time, >writes:
Newborns are named after deceased ancestors. That has been the general
Jewish custom.
Is there something more specific? Who gets named after the paternal
ancestors vs. the maternal ones? Any time limitations after the death.
Naming of the first born? Different rules for boys/girls?
If you want information about this >from a Web based genealogy
discussion group, then search the General Discussion Group archives
for past answers to this common question

If you want an answers based on Halacha and/or Minhagen you need to
contact the specific sect within Judaism which your question is applies to
i.e.. Ashkenaz, Sephardim, Lubavitch etc. You can contact me directly for
Kosher contacts for the latter.

Chag Succoth Sameach

David Rubin

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