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Dear All,

I've seen the digests for the last few days with the posts about my web
pages, originally just an experiment in web page creation and therefore
named somewhat randomly "Czech And Slovak Things", but only now have the
time and energy to sit and write a message. The original location was indeed
on Geocities which closed at the end of October. In December I became aware
that the site had been transferred automatically to WebRing web space, but
was missing most of the images. It's only about 2 weeks ago that I uploaded
all the missing material, and as a Moderator note to one of the postings
mentioned the full site is now available, currently exactly as it appeared
on Geocities, at the following location:

The name lists umbrella page with links to individual list pages is at:

The copy >from Geocities at does seem to be missing some
parts of the site, but I have no control over this.

Amos: I wrote to you directly 2 days ago about this. I hope you received my
message. I have received no reply.

Pauline: I definitely had A LOT of problems with the Zoznam mail server over
many years, but they replaced their software (after a 2 week shutdown) some
time ago and the rgaskell@... address should work. Alternatively try
r.gaskell@... After a quick look I can see no correspondence >from
you after an initial exchange in July 2007.

Harry: Thanks for your comments. My "Where did they go?" question related
specifically to the members of the two Pioneer Corps companies formed >from
the "mutineers" removed >from the Czechoslovak forces at Cholmondeley in July
1940. The sums about what happened to them just didn't add up to the
original total. I think I later realised that many were released >from
service on the basis of being physically unfit. However, I'd be interested
in hearing more about your platoon and the company it was in.

To my continuing shame my web pages remain fragmentary, for which I
apologise. I always intended to fill in the gaps and expand the coverage on
Czechoslovaks in Britain during WW2, both civilians and military personnel,
but since posting the first of the name lists almost 7 years ago almost all
of my efforts have gone into replying to requests for further information on
specific individuals. Even here I have failed miserably. I'm afraid I get
far too involved in each case and it takes a lot of time, mental energy and
emotional strength to deal with them. I have received many E-mails that I
just haven't been able to reply to, and if any of the senders are reading
this I humbly apologise.

In addition to the name lists of civilian and military personnel (see link
above) I've also built a library of images that includes the following items
which may be of interest:

BCRC/CRTF Case Registration Cards
All items >from the 59 files with batches of cards open before this year (6
more were opened on 1st January, with another 40 currently due to be opened
gradually in future). >from The National Archives in Kew, London.

List of Military Personnel
6 volume alphabetical list of all personnel who served with the Czechoslovak
forces in the west (France and Britain), roughly estimated at around 20,000
names. >from the Vojensky ustredni archiv in Prague.

Loading Documents 1944/45
Copies of loading documents including names of all personnel of the
Czechoslovak Brigade for ships across the English Channel, both the initial
deployment of the units of the Brigade to France around the turn of
August/September 1944 (4,450 men) and later reinforcement transports. >from
the Vojensky ustredni archiv in Prague.

Maybe one day I will win the lottery (although that might be a little
difficult as I don't gamble) and retire so that I can do all this full time
and fulfil everyone's wishes including my own. Otherwise I'll just have to
try and fit in as much as I can and do my best, however inadequate that
might be.

Best wishes

Richard Gaskell
London, UK.

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