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Mark Strauss

My Great-Great Grandfather Moritz (Mose) BERKOWITZ (Berkovics) was born=20
in the 1850's in the Zemplen Province in Hungary (now Slovakia). (He=20
later immigrated to Wilkes Barre, PA.) I've found information that=20
suggests that he may originally >from Vranov nad Toplou (Varanno); and I=20
found census information >from the 1869 census that shows a Moricz=20
Berkovics born in Varanno around 1853.

The census information for Moricz's birth in Varanno, shows his=20
father's given name as "Mano" and his mother as Roza. The issue is that=20
Moricz's death certificate and headstone say that his father's name was=20
Samuel (Shmeul). (I've also found the gravestones for Samuel and his=20
wife Rose (Rachel) in the same cemetery as my great-grandfather in=20
Scranton.) Since Roza seems to be a match for Rose, I wonder if Mano be=20
a Hungarian nickmane for Samuel? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Mark STRAUSS (New York City)

STRAUSS >from Zatin, Slovakia and Scranton PA;
BERKOWITZ >from Slovakia and Wikes-Barre PA;
BRODY/BRODIE/BROADA/BROIDO >from Zezmer, Lithuania and Atlanta and=20
MARKEL/MERKEL >from Keidan, Lithuania and Boston and Mount Vernon

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