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Mark Strauss

I want to acknowledge the dozens of people who replied to my query.
The take-away for me is that census records were not an exact science.
Many of our ancestors used dual names; and Mano could refer to his=20
Hungarian name or be a second name.
Thanks for the input.... I will keep plugging away.

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Subject: Mano vs. Samuel (Shmeul)
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My Great-Great Grandfather Moritz (Mose) BERKOWITZ (Berkovics) was born
in the 1850's in the Zemplen Province in Hungary (now Slovakia). (He
later immigrated to Wilkes Barre, PA.) I've found information that
suggests that he may originally >from Vranov nad Toplou (Varanno); and I
found census information >from the 1869 census that shows a Moricz
Berkovics born in Varanno around 1853.

The census information for Moricz's birth in Varanno, shows his
father's given name as "Mano" and his mother as Roza. The issue is that
Moricz's death certificate and headstone says that his father's name
was Samuel (Shmeul). (I've also found the gravestones for Samuel and
his wife Rose (Rachel) in the same cemetery as my great-grandfather in
Scranton.) Since Roza seems to be a match for Rose, I wonder if Mano be
a Hungarian nickmane for Samuel? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Mark STRAUSS (New York City)

STRAUSS >from Zatin, Slovakia and Scranton PA;
BERKOWITZ >from Slovakia and Wikes-Barre PA;
BRODY/BRODIE/BROADA/BROIDO >from Zezmer, Lithuania and Atlanta and=20
MARKEL/MERKEL >from Keidan, Lithuania and Boston and Mount Vernon

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