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Eric M. Bloch

Judith Deutsch Bennett asked:

These records of Northeastern Slovakia towns (Stropkov etc), available through the
URL below...through the pilot program...where the registerrs could be viewed and
searched, no longer show up on the list of available records >from Europe that can
be viewed. I last looked at them in late September and early October. Incredible
way to search the records.

Does anyone know what has happened? Have they moved or removed them? Or am I
accidentally doing something wrong?

Here is the answer I got >from FamilySearch on October 19th when I asked
the same question:

"Thank you for contacting FamilySearch about the removal of the
Slovakian Church records collections recently. Removal of a collection
from the site may be for a number of reasons. This is a recently added
image only collection and there are various engineering reasons for
the addition of images or work on the assembly, servers or other
reasons. We cannot give an estimate of how long such factors may affect
the time a collection may be unavailable and thank you for your patience.
Record Search is still under development. This release is considered a
PILOT. This means that at times Record Search will not be available
while we add additional records and improve some features.

Please continue to visit Record Search often. New records in Record
Search are added as they are completed as part of the FamilySearch
indexing effort. To read more about FamilySearch indexing and possibly
volunteer, visit"


Eric M. Bloch
Milwaukee, WI

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