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In the Hebrew book "Ma'ase She-Haya" by Ilana Rosen (Tel-Aviv, 1999)
there are many interesting facts and stories on Jewish Carpathorus.

On page 248, Mr. Dov Dinur tells that (during or before WWII) his grandfather was
in charge of the birth, marriage and death registers.

Since Munkacs had a large population of Polish Jews, who had no citizenship, Dinur's
grandfather and others prepared special ink, similar to that used 50 ot 100 years
earlier, and used it to add additional names,in the birth registers, between the
lines of the original records.

On the basis of these fake birth registers, these Jewish refugees >from Poland were
able to get certificates, showing that they were born in Munkacs. (this might have
helped them, since the Germans occupied Munkacs area much later then Poland...)

This shows that the BMD records can sometimes be misleading, but on the other hand
it shows that information (at least partly reliable) can be found in unexpected places...

Best regards,
Tomer Brunner, Israel

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