Hungary SIG #Hungary Oooops-A Wrong Eszter AMSTER? #hungary

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Siggers,
I posted in the last few days requests about a certain Eszter AMSTER who was the mother of my wife's granmother Bina APOTHEKER nee KLAUSNER. I had in mind Eszter AMSTER who was born in 1856 in Buclovany(Buczlo) in Saris County.
A closer examination of the 1895 Bardejov marriage registration of Bina by a Hungarian speaking Sigger revealed that Bina was 30 years old when she got married,i.e. she was born in 1865 and can not be this Eszter's daughter.So,stupid me, I was apparently targeting the wrong Eszter.Even if I may be wrong there is probably another Eszter(a cousin???) AMSTER in theBardejov/Saris County region.S.O.S.!!!!
Jacob Rosen

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