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Dear Siggers

Is there anyone who has any information on Paula SCHRANZ (nee STEINER)?

Paula was the 6th child of Karl & Anna Steiner (nee Kolban), and the only
one for whom I have no precise DOB. However it must be between 1875 & 1884
and probably in Wagstadt or Troppau. The family were living in Wien by 1918,
and by 1923 when Anna died Paula was married and living in Buudapest. Her
brothers died pre- WW2 and all her sisters perished in the Holocaust.

Her husband was Bela SCHRANZ (again I have no details) and a Colonel. They
had three children, Grete,Hans & Lilian.

I know my mother visited them in Budapest, probably in the early 1930's.
Other than this I have no trace >from any of the usual sources.

I know this is a long shot but if anyone has any knowledge of Paula and her
family I would be most grateful to hear.

Happy Hannukah
Steven Emanuel


STEINER Lipnik,Wagstadt,Troppau,Wien
BEINER Succeava,Munchen

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