Hungary SIG #Hungary Can You Identify? Using flickr #hungary

Alex Magocsi

I have 4 photographs that were part of a treasure of photos that my
Grandparents, Anna (Hani) and Stephen MAGOCSI, saved >from the time they lived in
the New York City Area (1920s and 1930s).

I am hoping that someone in the H-SIG world might see something that will tweak
a memory or trigger an "Aha" moment and help me identify the bridal couple and
her(?) parents.

I have uploaded the 4 photos into my flickr account and hope that this method of
reaching you all is acceptable to the H-SIG moderators.

The photos can be seen at the following URL address:

This URL address will link you to the set titled Unidentified
If you have not used flickr before, in this case, click on the word DETAIL to
step into the set, then click on a photo to see a larger version of it.

If you can assist, please respond to me directly at: awmjr@...

Thank you.

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