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Dear friends -

As always these wonderful H-SIGgers have helped me fill in some more blanks, and
thanks to some terrific folks, I was able to track down data about my ancestor
Ernest/Erno SEIDNER (1892 - 1958) who emigrated to and died in Australia. He had
no children. The grave photos, however, have triggered more questions for me.......

Years ago, a distant older relative - Ernest's niece - told me that while she and
her mother had survived the Holocaust by hiding, that her grandparents (Ernest's
parents) and family had taken refuge in the Portuguese Embassy. She told me that
the embassy had been stormed by the Arrow Cross and that this SEIDNER family was
sent to the camps where they were killed.

Well, the photo of Ernest's grave in Australia has a tribute to his parents and
brother who died in "Budapest in 1944".

Does anyone know anything specific about a raid on the Portuguese Embassy? I do
know that the Arrow Cross stormed neutral places, but is there any more information
about this embassy? I am wondering if this means that this family DIDN'T get to
the camps (I could never find their names on those databases), but was either
martyred on-site, or marched to the Danube to suffer the same fate as so many
other Jews. Or perhaps they DID get sent to the camps, but Ernest felt it was easier
to put "Budapest" on the stone.

Ernest himself died of chronic kidney/urinary issues, consistent with injury, and also
beri-beri which is connected to malnutrition. To me, this seems consistent with
possible concentration camp, ghetto, or beatings experience. Perhaps he himself
was not in the embassy.

I realize that ultimately this may seem trivial to some, when perhaps it should be
enough to know that the family was martyred, but I feel an obligation to know as
much as possible in order to honour their memory.

If anyone can direct me to a source where I could learn some more about the role of
the Portuguese embassy in Budapest at this time, I would be most grateful. Please
respond directly to me unless you think that the information would be of interest to the group.

With sincere thanks,

Michele Sankar
Richmond Hill, Ontario

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