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Hello Louis:
I can only speak about what happened in my family. In my family the answer
to your question would be a sound YES. My ancestors not only moved to and
fro different counties, but they also changed residences to distant towns
and villages 150-200 miles apart >from their original abode. This is how I
have in my family two major branches, one that settled to where today is
Slovakia and another that moved to today's Hungary.
Good luck with your search

Tom Venetianer
Sao Paulo-Brazil

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Has anyone read about how common it was back in the 1820's to '70's to
travel between megyes, say, 40 - 60 miles? I'm finding lots of
possibilities in my research but the people I find are >from different megyes

than, say, where their children were born.

So, that's my question: was it commonplace for them do a lot of moving

Lois Levick

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