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Judy Petersen

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So, that's my question: was it commonplace for them do a lot of moving

Thanks for any info.

Lois Levick

Hi Lois,
The short answer is yes. Here are two examples >from my own family:

1) My LICHT family is >from Kormend, Hungary. While on one hand, various
branches of my family were in Kormend >from the late 1700s until the
Holocaust, in my immediate family, of 6 siblings, two went to America, one went to
Papa, Hungary, one went to Szabadka (Subotica, Serbia) one went to Vienna
and one stayed in K├Ârmend.

2) It also depends on their occupation. For example, my STOSZEL family
were cantors. It was a very mobile profession. For my great great
grandfather, I have yet to find two of his children born in the same town, and those
children settled in at least three different towns. For my great
grandfather, it's complicated by the fact that he was married and divorced, so I'm
researching both my direct line and the half siblings. So far I have
found this family all over the Austria-Hungarian empire: in Hungary they lived
in Csecse, Eger, Hodmezovasarhely, Vacz, Ujpest and Pest. In Slovakia I've
found them in several towns in Nyitra megye. My great-grandfather also
spent some time in Uzhorod, which is now in Ukraine. And a granddaughter
ended up in Berlin.

Whenever I come across people who have the same name I add them to my
files with a question mark until I can prove a relationship one way or the
other. Most times I've been able to find a connection. Of course, it
depends on how common a surname you're researching. LICHT and STOSZEL are not
super common names. For me, there's a fair chance that a person with that
surname is related. I also have the WEISS surname in my family. In that
case, most people with that surname, or even the exact name (like Jacob
WEISS) are not related.

Judy Petersen
Fort Collins, CO

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