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Bob Lenk

I have been following the progress of the Mormons' Family History
Library (FHL) in making available microfilms of Jewish records >from
Slovakia. Mostly I had been doing periodic searches of their online
catalog for the keywords Slovakia and Jewish. However, I found out I
have been missing some of the newer (temporary) entries.

All of the records >from the Bratislava REGIONAL Archives should be
available. Some of the records >from places with names late in the
alphabet, which have been filmed most recently, may not show up in a
keyword search. I have been able to find with a PLACE search. Some
places this applies to are Trstin, Vbovce, and Vrbove.

The catalog can be searched at

I have also heard that the records >from the Bratislava Regional Archives
should be available online later this year (similar to the records >from
the Presov Regional Archive).

Unfortunately they are not filming at the Bratislava MUNICIPAL Archive,
where records >from the city of Bratislava are kept, due to lack of funding.

Bob Lenk
Greeley, Colorado, USA

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