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Hi there,
I need some advice concerning a record on the Yad Vashem database. It is for
somebody whose basic information is given as follows:
Family Name First Name Father's Name Place of Origin Year of Birth
Morgen Fanika Stern Varazdin 1881

I have a strong suspicion that this is actually the record for my gf's stepmother
who was by marriage Morgenstern Fanika and who I know was living in Varazdin as
of 1929. (You can find a PoT that I submitted for Fanika Morgenstern nee Blass on
the Yad Vashem database.)

My questions are:
1) What is the best way to verify my hunch? Should I pay a Yad Vashem researcher
(they've sent me a form to do just that)? Is there a way I could look at a copy of
the original record to see if there was a copy error?

2) How likely is it that I am right about the identity of this person even if there
is not an error in copying, but one in the original?

What would you do?
Thank you for your advice in this matter.

Denise Pfalzer
Tampa, Florida, USA

H-SIG Moderator: Because your inquiry is not specifically
related to Hungarian research, you should probably send your
message to the JewishGen general discussion list.

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