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Dear Group,

I hope you can help me to solve an unusual mystery I encountered.

I have been researching my REINITZ family for years now and think I have a
good knowledge of it.
In the Hungarian marriage databases I found the following registration of a
GGUncle of mine:
Groom: REINITZ, Lajos / Jakab
Parents: Bela / Cecilia (MACHULUP)
Age: 34
Born: in Nagy-Kanizsa

Bride: KAUFMANN, Rudolfina
Parents: Moric / Johanna (RIESZ)
Age: 22
Born: Vag-Ujhely

Marriage date: 25-Mar-1883
in: Pest (Budapest, Local Gov't - Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kis-Kun)

Source: LDS 642975, Vol. 34
Record: 30-04
As far as I know >from various sources REINITZ Lajos's parents were REINITZ
Ignatz (My GGGF) and BETTELHEIM Kunigunda, and the people registered above
as his parents were Bela (he had a brother by that name) and his Aunt, by
marriage to REINITZ Albert (Ignatz's brother), MACHULUP Cecilia (the
"original" MACHULUP Cecilia was already dead 30 years when this marriage
took place.). By the way Lajos did marry KAUFMANN, Rudolfina.
Seems like a mess, doesn't it? But if this is the way it was registered and
not a transcription mistake, I wonder why.

Appreciate your helping me solve this riddle.


Omri Arnon

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