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Please remember that h-sig and jewishgen do not support the use of accented characters, because they get mangled by the jewishgen list server software, and do not display correctly across all combinations of operating system and email programme. (i.e. it may look fine on your system, but be indecipherable on someone else's.)

if you need to represent accented characters, adding the accent after the character, e.g. a' or o", or hercegsza'nto' , is more awkward, but it actually works.

....... tom klein, toronto

ps. i find that less direct searching, such as "contains" rather than "equals", can sometimes get past idiosyncrasies in online databases. unfortunately, in this particular case, a search of the jewishgen communities database for placenames containing "szanto" (unaccented) finds only abau'jsza'nto' (returned correctly accented, by the way), whereas a search for placenames containing "sza'nto' " (accented) hits a software bug and returns 5,845 supposed hits!

yefimk@... wrote:

[snip!] HERCEGSZ¥NT" [snip!]

and the Moderator added:

[snip!] Hercegsz¡ntÛ [snip!]

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