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Beth Long

I was recently going through the 1944 death records of Budapest district XIV, when
I ran across something unusual: on July 2, 1944, 104 people (all Jews) died in a
"bomb attack" at the adddress Palma utca 5. What's strange is that when to went to
look at the building, it appears to be in good condition (for this many people to
have died in one place, I would have expected it to be completely demolished).

Equally strange is that every one of the people killed there was not of Hungarian
citizenship: the overwhelming majority were U.S. citizens, with some British and
Irish as well.

It appears to me to have been a "safe house" for foreign nationals (though in the
end, it was anything but "safe").

I tried searching the Internet to find the story of this incident, but did not find
anything. Has anyone else heard of it?

Beth Long

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